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                                         SNEHA Election Committee

Initial List of Nominated Candidates for SNEHA Executive Committee 2017


In response to Call for Nomination (dated November 20, 2016) following candidates have been nominated. Candidates may withdraw their names until December 1, 2016. If unopposed, the candidates will be declared elected during SNEHA Annual General Assembly on December 18, 2016.





Asst. Secretary (1 year term): 







This Program is published in accordance with our earlier announcements to conduct the Election for vacant positions of the Society of Nepalese in Hawai’i (SNEHA) Executive Committee on November 20, 2016:






Publish Final Version of the Election Ground Rules



Sunday November 20, 2016

and by e-mail to SNEHA Google Group.


Call for candidates’ nomination

(A detailed instruction and filing procedures will be provided upon announcement)




Sunday November 20, 2016



Nomination of Candidates



Starting from Monday, November 20, 2016




Tuesday November 30, 2016 until 10:00 PM



Contact Election Commission



Remarks: Withdrawal will not be accepted during the nomination filing period.



Announcement of initial list of nominated Candidates and call for supplementary nomination, if necessary.



Tuesday November 30, 2016, 10:00 PM

Posted online at:

and emailed via Google Group



Withdrawal of nomination (if any)


Wednesday December 1, 2016 08:00 Am

 toWednesday December 1, 2016 10:00 PM

Withdrawal must be solicited by writing to the Election Committee. Telephone withdrawal will not be valid.



Announcement of final list of the Candidates (and call for supplementary nomination, if necessary).



December 3, 2016

Posted online at:,



Voting if necessary

Sunday, December 18, 2016



Announcement of Election Results

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Announced during General Assembly



Philosophy: Election for the Executive Committee of SNEHA shall be conducted in a fair, transparent, responsible and equitable manner in accordance with the SNEHA’s Bylaw.


Vacant Positions: The Annual General Meeting to be held on Saturday, December 17, 2016. As per SNEHA’s Bylaw, following positions shall be filled through a democratic electoral process.  

1)      President

2)      Secretary

4)      Assistant Secretary*

5)      Treasurer

6)      Member

7)      Member

*by-election for the remainder of the two year term. Election for full two year term will be held in 2017 General Assembly.

Non-Compensatory Service: SNEHA is a non-profit organization, and all positions are held by volunteer members. No compensation is paid to any of the Executive Committee position holders in any form for any services rendered to SNEHA. 


Election Day: Saturday, December 17, 2016. 

Election Program: A schedule will be published by the Election Committee at appropriate time indicating time-table and venue for each major activity related to the election process such as call for candidacy nomination, withdrawal of nomination, announcement of final list of candidates, voting and announcement of election results.

Voters: All SNEHA members in good standing as on the Election Day are the voters.

Candidates: Any person filing nomination for the vacant positions must be a member of SNEHA in good standing as on the date of the nomination filing.

Nomination: Any SNEHA member may file self-nomination or propose any SNEHA member as a candidate for any vacant positions. Self-nomination does not require any proponent or supporter. If a member is being nominated by another member, the nominee must be notified in advance by the proponent and must obtain consent. Election Committee may seek concurrence by directly contacting the nominee, when in the opinion of the Committee, the evidence of nominee’s consent provided by the proponent is not sufficient.  Nomination must be filed in writing (email is acceptable) directly to the attention of Election Committee within the stipulated time. Nominations may also be made from the floor of the annual general meeting.

Incumbent:  A member, who is holding a position in the Executive Committee, and willing to contest election for any vacant position, must resign from the current position before lodging a nomination. 


Withdrawal of Nomination: If a nominee does not wish to contest election, s/he may withdraw her/his nomination voluntarily and on her/his own accord within the stipulated time. Withdrawal must be solicited in writing (email is acceptable) and must be addressed to the Election Committee. All withdrawals will be processed only after the nomination filing period is over. 

Election: If there is only one candidate nominated for a position, s/he will be elected unanimously. Should there be more nominations than positions available for any office; the Election Committee will arrange voting to elect a candidate. A simple majority of all votes cast will determine the results of the election. In the event of a tie, a run-off election shall be held, where possible on the same day or as announced by the Election Committee.    

Voting: Where voting becomes necessary, it shall be done by secret ballot. An official list of SNEHA members will be maintained by the Election Committee. Each voter must show his/her ID to obtain a ballot. All voters are allowed to cast only one ballot; that is, voters are required to vote for all positions in their one ballot. Any positions that were not voted for would be accounted as a renunciation.

Election Booth: Voting will be held on the venue of the Annual General Meeting and the time specified by the Election Committee. Voters must be present on the specified location and time to cast their vote.

Proxy: Voters who are on travel during the Election Day may appoint a proxy by notifying the Election Committee in writing (email is acceptable) at least one day ahead of the Election Day.  There is NO provision of online or email voting.

Voting Polls: The Election Committee shall be responsible for conducting election, securing ballots and counting the votes.

Election Results: The Chairperson of the Election Committee shall release the election results as soon as possible after the closing of the election polls and counting of the ballots and announce the New Executive Committee.

Code of Conduct:

  1. SNEHA is an organization initiated, constituted, managed and operated by all its volunteer members who share common mission and value.  The election process is considered as a healthy approach of finding unity and leadership by undertaking democratic decision. 
  2. All members of SNEHA have rights to exercise their freedom of speech, offer candidacy in vacant positions and elect candidates of their choice.   
  3. While exercising rights, all SNEHA Members are bound to treat each other with dignity, respect and civic courtesy. No one shall indulge in any activity or exchange of ideas which may aggravate undesired differences or create mutual hatred within SNEHA.
  4. Criticism of other contestants, when made, shall be confined to their ideas, policies and programs. While expressing opinion and or criticizing others, one must refrain from criticism of all aspects of private life, not connected with the public activities. The privacy of every individual shall be respected.
  5. The codes of conduct become effective from the date it is published.
  6. Election Committee reserves its full rights to disqualify candidates who disobey the codes of conduct.  The reasons for disqualification will be personally discussed with the candidate under question before initiating any formal action. Any such disqualification will be notified to the concerned person, and announced to all the SNEHA members. If a candidate is disqualified, her/his nomination will be null and void immediately. However, any such disqualification will not affect her/his SNEHA membership, and it will not be carried over to any future elections.  
  7. The Election Committee reserves its full rights to interpret these codes of conducts.
  8. Election Committee will act ethically and responsibly, and anticipates the same from all SNEHA Members.
  9. By participating in the election process all SNEHA members implicitly agree to adhere to these rules and bound by these codes of conduct.  The definition of participation in election process includes but not limited to the following activities:
  • Filing candidacy nomination.  
  • Exchanging ideas either by sending emails using the SNEHA’s list-serve or via any other means of communication concerning the current election. 
  • Publishing or publicizing candidature.   
  • Seeking ballots and casting votes in these elections.

Redress: Any irregularities regarding the conduct of elections shall be brought to the notice of the Election Committee. The Election Committee shall take necessary steps to look into the irregularities and take appropriate action as it deems fit.

Governing Laws: SNEHA is a non-profit organization, and its operation is regulated by the applicable laws of the State of Hawai’i and the federal laws of the United States of America.