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Activities of SNEHA Executive Committee 2012

Dashain Celebration 2069 BS

This year, SNEHA organized Dashain celebration on October 21, 2012 at Himalayan Kitchen, Honolulu. 

Dashain 2069
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                                                                   Photo courtesy: Ananda Mishra, Bhima Rai                                                         

Nepali Language class 5th Anniversary

SNEHA celebrated 5th anniversary of the Nepali Language Class on 29th September, 2012 at Hale Halawai near East-West center, University of Hawai'i.

Nepali Language Class 5th Anniversary
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 Photo courtesy: Ananda Mishra, Bhima Rai

Felicitation to SNEHA Members

SNEHA is proud to have Mr. Mandhoj Rai and Mrs. Bhima Rai as members whose effort on social activities is not only recognized locally by the community but also by organizations abroad. Recently, the duo were felicitated by Jagriti Samaj Nepal for their genuine contribution to the growth of the society via SNEHA Nepali Language School.

SNEHA congratulates both of them for the recognition.

SNEHA@Hawaii Food Drive 2012

SNEHA members took part in 23rd Annual Food Drive on 21st April, 2012. Mahalo to SNEHA member for their kokua.SNEHA is participating in this program since last four years.

Nepalese New Year Celebration 2068 BS

SNEHA members celebrated Nepalese New Year 2068 BS on 24th April, 2011. On this occassion, SNEHA organized a cultural program as well. Jiwnath Ghimire, SNEHA Secretary, welcomed the guests and was the master of ceremony of the program.

New year 2068 BS
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Saraswoti Puja and Welcoming New Members to the Community


SNEHA's Nepali Language Class organized the fifth annual Saraswati Puja. The Puja was held on Saturday January 28, 2012 at UH Campus Center at 11:00 AM.


On Saturday 28th January, 2012, SNEHA organized an event to welcome new members to Hawaii at UH Campus Center. New members are Anna Stirr, PhD(UH Asst. Professor), Bikash Paudel and Prem Phyak (UH PhD students), Navvraj Bikram Kunwar (HPU MS Student), Ram Kumar Singh (Musician) and Shyam Maharjan (Programmer, HMSA).


SNEHA and its language class organized both the program. Community members including Nepali language students and teachers participated in these event. These event was made possible by all the SNEHA members present. MC SNEHA Secretary Jiwnath Ghimire welcomed the guests. SNEHA President Rajib Subba and SNEHA Vice President Man Dhoj Rai (Coordinator Language Class) extended their gratitude to all the members of SNEHA for making these events a success.  On this day two new students are enrolled to Nepali language class.


SNEHA Event 01/28/12(Puja and Welcome)
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Photo courtesy: Rajib Subba

Executive Committee 2012



From left: Rajib Subba (President), Devesh Koirala (Assistant Secretary), Bigyan Kakchapati (Member), Man Dhoj Rai (Vice President), Jiwnath Ghimire (Secretary), Minu Lee (Treasurer), and Jibas Shrestha (Member).

[Member Jessica Kafle is not in picture. One seat is vacant.]

                                                         Photo courtesy: Man Dhoj Rai                                                                


FVIN - Friends of Volunteer Initiative Nepal

SNEHA President Rajib Subba, Vice President Man Dhoj Rai and host of SNEHA members attended a "chiya-paan" gathering on March 17, 2012 organized by FVIN - Friends of Volunteer Initiative Nepal. FVIN - Friends of Volunteer Initiative Nepal, is a newly formed non-profit organization, based in the USA, with several of its board members, including its president, here in Hawaii. VIN - Volunteer Initiative Nepal is a Nepali non-profit organization that works in different areas of Nepal and brings volunteers from different countries to help in their projects, such as women and children welfare programs.




Photo courtesy: Rajib Subba            


First Runner Up "Team Nepal" at 

UH Intramural Sports (Soccer) -2012


                                                              Photo Countesy: Zubin Piya

International Nite 2012

SNEHA Exe Com and Members of SNEHA took part in the InternationalNite 2012: The Paradise in You on March 16, 2012 organized by International Students Service of the University of Hawaii at Manoa. 

SNEHA was able to promote Nepalese culture and heritage among the audiences through its cultural booth and cultural performance by its members Ms. Pragya Pradhan on a Nepali song.

Himalayan Treasure Inc, provided Nepalese handicrafts for display. SNEHA leaflet and Nepal related brochures were distributed to the international visitors at the booth. Leaflets were also distributed to create awareness about birth place of Buddha who was born in Lumbini, Nepal. 

Volunteers were highly supported by SNEHA members, Nepalese in Hawaii and friends at the venue. All the members of this Executive Committee were involved and took part in different stages of this activity. 

                                              Photo courtesy: Shailesh Dhoj Joshi
                                                 Video courtesy: Suresh Tamang