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                                       Activities of SNEHA Executive Committee 2011


Election and Annual General Meeting 2011


On 17th December, 2011, an Election program and Annual General Meeting 2011 was organized at Hale Halawai. Jibas Shrestha (Executive Member) welcomed SNEHA members and guests. On the occasion Election Commissioners Ananda Mishra, Arjun Aryal and Suryalaxmi Maharjan Shrestha bid farewell to outgoing executive members and conferred newly elected SNEHA Executive Members 2012 to their respective positions. SNEHA Executive Committee 2012 consists of Rajib Subba (President), Man Dhoj Rai (Vice President), Jiwnath Ghimire (Secretary), Devesh Koirala (Assistant Secretary), Minu Lee (Treasurer), Bigyan Kakchapati (Member), Jessica Kafle (Member), Jibash Shrestha (Member), and Rebecca Chand (Member). 

Executive Committee 2011 presented its annual reports during the program. Out going, Assistant Secretary Bal Krishna Sharma presented annual activities, outgoing Treasurer Shushilshwar Mulepati presented financial report and outgoing executive member Rina Sharma thanked every one for their support during her tenure. Other outgoing officio and member are Vice President Sharad Marhattaand Member Rachana Shrestha respectively. SNEHA published and distributed its annual newsletter 2011 along with the financial report 2011.

On this occasion SNEHA welcomed new members 
Dinesh Shrestha, Himal Shrestha, Zubin Piya to the community and bid farewell to Kosh Raj Koirala, EWC-APLP Fellow, who is leaving Hawaii after finishing his training with East West Center.  

President Rajib Subba thanked all the members and guests presented on the occasion 
for their direct and indirect support. Particularly he thanked the election commissioners for their hard work to complete the election process. He also extended gratitude to out going executive committee members for their team work and support. In addition he suggested to have a discussion about restructuring SNEHA election process and committee structure in the future. 

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Meet and greet with Chief of the Army Staff General Chhatra Man Singh Gurung in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

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On 18th October 2011 Society of Nepalese in Hawaii (SNEHA) organized a "meet and greet" program to welcome Chief of the Army Staff (CoAS), General Chhatra Man Singh Gurung who is in Hawaii to attend the 14th Annual Asia-Pacific Chiefs of Defense Conference, organized by the US Pacific Command in Honolulu, Hawaii. SNEHA children welcomed CoAS Gen. Gurung, Mrs. Kamala Gurung, Lt. Col. Shiva Gurung and US Army Col. Gregory S Winston by offering Hawaiian leis and Nepalese khada.


On the occasion COAS Gen Gurung expressed his happiness to meet and greet members of the Nepalese community in Hawaii for the second time. CoAS Gen Gurung thanked the organizers and extended his and his spouses’ wishes to all Nepalese in Hawaii a success to achieve their objectives for which they left their motherland. SNEHA President Rajib Subba and Joint Secretary Bal Krishna Sharma delivered a welcome speech and word of thanks respectively.


SNEHA community members from different walks of life in Hawaii including Academicians, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Researchers, Doctoral Students, and children attended the program organized at Nepalese owned Himalayan Kitchen in Honolulu. Society of Nepalese in Hawaii (SNEHA) is a non-profit and a non-political organization based in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.


Photo courtesy: Man Dhoj Rai, Sushileshwar Mulepati and Rajib Subba. 

Dashain Celebration


SNEHA organized a Dashain celebration on October 01, 2011 in Honolulu. More than 125 community members and guests were present during the celebration. At the beginning feelings of festivities were heightened with welcome Malshree Dashain dhun played by DJs Shantanu Sharma and Vivek Gurung. On the occasion Master of Ceremonies Abha Chapagain and Swastika Lamichhane welcomed the guests. Menjam Tamang performed a beautiful welcome dance. 

Happy Dashain!
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On the behalf of Nepalese community in Hawaii SNEHA welcomed Nepalese government officials, and a new student at UH. Government officials who are in Honolulu to take part in APCSS training are Dwarika Prasad Acharya (Joint Secretary MOD), Brigadier General Binoj Basnyat & Colonel Ganga Bahadur Gurung (NA), Chiran Jung Thapa (Researcher of the Asia Foundation Center for South Asian Studies). Ram Neupane is studying PhD in Chemistry at the University of Manoa. 


On the occasion SNEHA bid farewell to Secretary Laxman KC, his wife Prativa KC and brother Nabraj KC. President Rajib Subba presented a "maya ko chino" (token of love) to Laxman KC on the behalf of SNEHA. Laxman KCleft Hawaii after graduating from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. 


President Rajib Subba delivered Dashain greetings to all Nepalese in Hawaii and thanked all the members and guests for honoring SNEHA's invitation to take part in the Dashain celebration. He said, "in spite of limited resources we tried our best to provide culturally satisfying and fun filled event. As we all know SNEHA's pillar of strength is our members who provide their services voluntarily. The success of this event goes to all the members for their collective participation in preparing delicious foods, performances, DJs, MCs, event organizing and cleaning etc. In addition, I strongly believe with such an awesome EC team members we will be able to continue to serve the community we belong to."


Other highlights of the program were jokes by Bhima Rai and Kedar shrestha, dance by members and guests, door prizes etc. Members and guests danced to the tunes by DJs Shantanu Sharma and Vivek Gurung. The door prize winners were Swomik Lamichhane, Samek Mulepati, Nabraj Kuinkel, and Saugat Kuinkel. Himalayan Kitchen sponsored a door prize.  


Photo courtesy: Bal Krishna Sharma, Jibash Shrestha, Kushum Chapagain, Man Dhoj Rai, Naveen Mishra, Pradip Raj Panta and Rajib Subba.

Fundraising Event

SNEHA organized a fundraising event to support Aloha Medical Mission Reaching the Unreached to Nepal. Saturday, 20th August, 2011.

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Photos by Shantanu Sharma.

Video by Raju Maharjan Shrestha

SNEHA organized a fund raising event on Saturday, 20th August, 2011 to support Aloha Medical Mission Reaching the Unreached program to Nepal. SNEHA extends warmest and deepest Mahalo nui loa to all the donors, supporters and members helping SNEHA's endeavor to provide medical/surgical services to rural people in Nepal. 

Guests from different walks of Hawaiian life including SNEHA members attended the event. Dr. Bradlay Wong, Mrs. Naomi Wong, Dr. Peter Halford, Dr. Gregory G Maskarinec (Professor Univ. of Hawaii) were among them. Welcoming the guests SNEHA President Rajib Subba emphasized importance of the program that would provide a free medical mission and surgical mission to rural and under-priviledged people in Nepal. Dr. Bikash Gupta, Co-leader and Organizer of Nepal (Dhankuta) Surgical Mission made a presentation about the mission as well as briefed about mission last year. Suman Basnet, Chef and Owner of Himalayan Kitchen, thanked all the guests and supporters who contributed to the program. Ms. Swastika Missy Maharjan Shrestha and Ms. Menjam Tamang performed Nepalese dances. President Rajib Subba and Exectuive Member Jibas Shrestha Coordinated the fund raising event.  

Partners' information:

In 2010, a group of Nepalese medical and other professionals established a mission to provide free surgical and medical services to the underprivileged and help all those who cannot afford to get help. For further information visit mission website at

The Aloha Medical Mission (AMM) is a secular, nonprofit volunteer organization based in Honolulu, Hawai‘i, that provides healthcare services to and promotes the social welfare of the underserved peoples in the Pacific, Asia and Hawai‘i. Website:

Event venue was Himalayan Kitchen, an authentic Nepali restaurant, 11th Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii. Website:

Nepalese New Year Celebration

SNEHA members celebrated Nepalese New Year 2068 BS on 24th April, 2011. On this occassion, SNEHA organized a cultural program as well. Laxman KC, SNEHA Secretary, welcomed the guests and Master of Cemeremony was Rina Sharma, SNEHA EC member. Performers who enthralled SNEHA guests with their dance, jokes, poem, songs and Taekwondo demonstrations were Ananya Paudyal, Aroopa Paudyal, Devesh Koirala, Kaya Basnet, Kedar Shrestha, Maya Neupane, Menjam Tamang, Nitya Bhattarai, Sharad P. Marhatta, Samyek Mulepati, Sanghamitra Subba, Swamik Lamichhane and Mr. Kyle (Taekwondo Guru).



The organizing team was comprised of Jibash Shrestha, Rebecca Basnet, Rina Sharma and Sharad Marhatta. SNEHA members Ananda Mishra, Bibin Shakya, Jiwnath Ghimire, Nandu Bhandari, Raju Maharjan Shrestha, Shantanu Sharma, and Suryalaxmi Maharjan Shrestha provided volunteer support. Himalayan Kitchen, a Nepalse restaurant in Honolulu, supplied the party food.


On the occasion, Rajib Subba, President of SNEHA, distributed token of appreciation to performers, Taekwondo Guru and Dance Guru. On the behlf of SNEHA EC he extened appreciation and thank every one who supported the event. 


SNEHA EC wishes a very happy and prosperous New Year 2068 to its members and well wishers! 

SNEHA@Hawaii Food Drive 2011

Twenty one SNEHA members took part in 22nd Annual Food Drive on 16th April, 2011. Mahalo to SNEHA member for their kokua. Members who participated are Ananda Mishra, Bhima Rai, Indira Kakshapati, Jibnath Ghimire, Jibash Shrestha, Kabi Neupane, Laxman KC, Madhu Thapa, Mandhoj Rai, Mitra Neupane, Moti Chapagai, Nandu Bhandari, Neeraj Dongol, Pragya Pradhan, Prasamsa Singh, Rajib Subba, Rina Sharma, Shailesh Dhoj Joshi, Sharadchandra P. Marhatta, Suresh Tamang and Uddhab Chand Thakuri. SNEHA President Mr. Rajib Subba coordinated the program. 

SNEHA is participating in this program since last three years. SNEHA members feel proud and satisfied to contribute for the Hawaiian community. It is also an opportunity to build a relationship with similar organizations. Ms. Annie (not in the picture), Ms. Lori (with hat) and Ms. Mercury (with goggles) of Hawaii Food Bank were coordinating with SNEHA during the program.

Nepali Language Class

SNEHA has initiated a Nepali language class within a few months of its inception. The class is open to people of all walks of life and has generated immense interest among Nepalese and non-Nepalese. Currently, the class has 8 students enrolled and is taught by three dedicated SNEHA’s volunteer teachers Ms. Bedika 
Upadhayay, Ms. Gita Neupane and Ms. Laxmi GC.  

The class has been rejuvenated from 3 students to 8 students (as of March, 2011) after a series of consultations and a general meeting of SNEHA members. The present SNEHA Executive Committee Members and the Nepali Language Coordinating Committee (NLCC) left no stone unturned to continue this initiative. Members of NLCC are Mr. Mandhoj Rai (Coordinator), Dr. Kabi Raj Neupane and Ms. Mira Sharma. 
Mr. Bal Krishna Sharma, Joint Secretaty, closely helps the teaching team.

Nepali Language Book

SNEHA received (dated July 2011) a Nepali language book developed by Nepal Association for Global Cooperation (NAGC). SNEHA Exe Com extends a big Mahalo to Mr. Mani Nepali Paneru, Founder President, NAGC, for his generous support to SNEHA Nepali language class.

Nepal Association for Global Cooperation (NAGC) is a California, USA based non-profit organization. NAGC aims to preserve and promote Nepalese unity, identity and culture among Nepalese, friends of Nepal and those interested in Nepal. It also seeks to encourage cooperation, goodwill and mutual support among Nepali residents around the globe. Website:http://www.nepalassociati

Executive Committee 01/2011 - 12/2011
(Backrow from left: Rina Sharma, Rebecca Chand, Jibash Shrestha, Rajib Subba, Sharad Marahatta, Balkrishna Sharma)
(Frontrow from left: Laxman K.C, Sushileshwor Mullepati) 


President:            Mr. Rajib Subba
Vice President:    Mr. Sharadchandra P. Marahatta  
Secretary:            Mr. Laxman K.C
Assistant-Secretary:   Mr. Bal Krishna Sharma
Treasurer:           Mr. Sushileshwor Mullepati 
Members:            Ms. Rebecca Chand
                            Mr. Jibash Shrestha
                            Ms. Rina Sharma

Dashain Video


Welcome: New Members to the Community


On 27th August, 2011, SNEHA organized an event to welcome new members to Hawaii at Hale Halawai. New members are Dr. Ripendra Awal (UH Researcher), UH students Hishila Manandhar, Rara KC, Suman Maharjan, and EWC-APLP fellow Kosh Raj Koirala. 

Present on the occasion were former President Dr. Moti Chapagain, NLC committee members Dr. Kabi Raj Neupane and Man Dhoj Rai, NLC teachers Laxmi GC and Shanta Kuinkel, NLC students, and Executive Members. Secretary Laxman KC and President Rajib Subba delivered welcome speech and word of thanks respectively. 

Photo courtesy: J. Ghimire, M. D. Rai and R. Sharma   

Assisting Education in Nepal

SNEHA raised more than 5.1 kgs of pencils/crayons/erasers with the help of Nepali language class students, their friends, parents and members. A big Mahalo to Aroopa, Ananya, Kaya, Maya, Menjam, Poshan, Raj, Sanghamitra, Swastika "Missy", Swamik, Mandhoj, Rina, and Jibash for their support. Our treasuer Mr. Sushileshwar Mulepati and our Kathmandu based members Mr. Denjam Khadka and Ms. Rachana Shrestha are coordinating with the Lions club. Mr. Ravi Thapa, Senior Superintendent of Police and Mr. Mohan Prasai volunteered to carry the goods to Nepal. SNEHA President Rajib Subba coordinated the program.

On 19th April, 2011, Mr. Khadka and Ms. Shrestha handed over the stationery to Mr. Sushil M. Ulak, President of Lions club of Kathmandu Samakhusi. Lions club Member Mr. Man B. Roka was also present on the occasion. Lions club will distribute the stationery to public schools in Baglung districts of Nepal.

Saraswoti Puja

SNEHA's Nepali Language Class organized the fourth annual Saraswati Puja. The Puja was held on Sunday February 13, 2011 at Hale Halawai/East-West Center at 11:30 AM. Community members including Nepali language students and teachers participated in this event. 

On this occasion Mr. Punya Neupane, who was visiting Hawaii from Nepal, made a fibaicial contribution to the class. Nepali language instructor Ms. Bedika Poudyal, Mr. Punya Neupane, SNEHA Life Member Dr. Kabi Raj Neupane and SNEHA President Mr. Rajib Subba spoke on the occasion. This event was made possible by all the SNEHA members present.

Ms. Bedika Upadhayay

Kids and Members

Mr. Punya Neupane, Mr. Mandhoj Rai, and
Mr. Rajib Subba

Mr. Mandhoj Rai and Dr. Kabi Neupane

SNEHA Banner

SNEHA banner 3x3 is made in flex. Mr. Arjun Aryal provided high resolution logo, and Exe Com Member Ms. Rebecca Basnet coordinated to print the banner. March, 2011. 

SNEHA's Nepali language student Poshan GC proudly taking a pose with the SNEHA banner.

 Bylaws Update

With the help of previous executive committee members, SNEHA's bylaws are updated in February, 2011. President Rajib Subba and Secretary Laxman KC worked with Mr. Arjun Aryal, Dr. Alok Rajouria, and Dr. Moti Lal Chapagain to update the bylaws. Dr. Rajouria took a commendable effort to complete the update process.


On 26th March, 2011, a farewell program was organized for Dr. Alok Rajouria, former Secretary, and Ms. Sudha Rajouria, former Treasurer and former Nepali language teacher, for their contribution to SNEHA and its activities. The Exe Com, Language class committee, teachers and students including their parents bid a farewell and expressed their best wishes to them. 

International Nite 2011

SNEHA Exe Com and Members of SNEHA took part in the International Nite 2011: Garden of Aloha organized by International Students Service of the University of Hawaii at Manoa. SNEHA was able to promote Nepalese culture and heritage among the audiences on Friday 11th March, 2011. SNEHA had a cultural booth and its members Ms. Jessica Kafle and Master Swamik Lamichhane performed on a Nepali song.

Himalayan Treasure Inc, provided Nepalese handicrafts for display. SNEHA leaflet and Nepal related brochures, CDs were distributed to the international visitors at the booth.

SNEHA Members who contributed to make SNEHA's participation a success are:  Anada Mishra, Ananta Thapa, Bhima Rai, Ekta Tamang, Eleena R. Subba, Jessica Kafle (Performer), Jiwanath Ghimire, Joe Niemczura, Man Dhoj Rai, Suresh Tamang (International Nite Coordinator), Sushileshwar Mulepati (Himalayan Treasure Inc.), Suryalaxmi Maharjan (Performance Coordinator), and Swamik Lamichhane (Performer). All the members of this Executive Committee were involved and took part in different stages of this activity. Volunteers were highly supported by a large number of SNEHA members, Nepalese in Hawaii and friends at the venue.

Nepal Booth

Click for Video: SNEHA members Ms. Jessica Kafle & Master Swamik Lamichhane performing on a famous Nepali song "Basanta Nai Basna Khojchha..." from the 1966 movie Maitighar (meaning the birth home of a girl).

@ Community

Nepalese women and friends in Hawaii celebrated Teej festival recently. Teej is celebrated for marital bliss, well-being of spouse and children and purification of own body and soul. 

Photo courtesy: Kusum Chapagain

Football (soccer) is one of the most popular games among Nepalese community. Community members and SNEHA Executive Committee members regularly play football at the Makiki park every Saturday and Sunday evening. 

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